What We Do For Clients

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Our unique approach to private placement transactions strives to achieve greater confidence of success, better terms, lower costs, and a greater array of financing structures than would be generally obtainable if a community development entity were to attempt a placement on its own - all with much less effort on your part. Learn more about these benefits below.

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Confidence of Success

We've successfully placed more than 95% of the transactions we've been engaged to complete.

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Better Terms

The terms of our transactions are fair to both parties but are typically better for our clients than they would achieve in a one-on-one negotiation with an investor.

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Lower Costs & Higher Proceeds

Krambo has consistently delivered interest costs lower than would be obtainable by our clients on their own.

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Financing Structure Options

We offer a variety of financing structures to appeal to the particular needs of individual clients and investors.

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Less Effort For You

We spend hundreds of hours on each financing transaction so you, our client, can focus on your core business activities.

A History of Long Standing Relationships

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Krambo has a history of maintaining long-standing relationships with both clients and investors. Most of our clients have utilized our services repeatedly over several years. And while we clearly represent the interests of our clients first, we have a history of long relationships with our investors as well. Among the 50+ financial institutions that have participated in our transactions over the past several years, many have invested on multiple occasions.

Confidence Built on Candor & Disclosure

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Many of Krambo’s private placements are subject to various laws and regulations and as a result, materials provided to prospective financial institutions must be considered true, correct, complete, and not misleadingly incomplete.

This means that unfavorable and favorable facts must be presented and discussed. We believe our candid and forthright approach builds credibility and confidence, resulting in faster and more positive responses from financial institutions.

The information on this website is not an offer to sell or a solicitation of an offer to buy any security, nor shall any such security be offered or sold to any person in any jurisdiction in which such offer, solicitation, purchase, or sale may not be lawfully made.